“Birds of Prey”

in flash fiction magazine

A story about unrequited love, unexpected pregnancy and a benevolent talking falcon.

"What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape"

in Cordella Magazine

A non-fiction essay exploring the rhetoric of sexual assault. 

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"Someday I'll Love Coco Mellors"

in Mushpit Magazine

A short story about stalking and female rage for Mushpit's "Crisis" issue. 

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Someday I'll Love Coco Mellors.jpg
Someday I'll Love Coco Mellors2.jpg


in SmokeLong Quarterly

Flash fiction about a break up, longing and a dog called Nancy. 

(Link to story and author interview below)

"Thirty Three"

in Rig Out Magazine

Flash fiction on desire and growing up in other people's arms.

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